Viridian Science uses supercritical fluid extraction using a true cold water cyclone to produce its oils and essences. Therefrom preserving the bioactive components of plants' essences *.

Documented distillation, or fermentation, of plants dates back to the 10th century and is still used today to extract the essential oils from plants, but supercritical extraction creates a true cyclone simulation within a cylinder tank that expels the most essential oils in their utmost integrity, leaving its complete essence intact from what distillation or fermentation would achieve. Supercritical extraction is by far the most efficient way of retrieving 100% of all plant essences.

Fermentation typically refers to the chemical conversion of carbohydrates such as starches or sugars in food by beneficial bacteria, yeasts, or other microorganisms into alcohols and acids. And is utilized in processes where we wish to retain the fibers of plants, but again with supercritical extraction, fiber structures of plants although completely separated from its oils and essences can be utilized for other processes while the extraction preserved all the plants bioactive agents for medicinal purposes, and extracting optimal food nutrients.

* Techniques for extraction of bioactive compounds from plant materials: A review by J.AzmiraI, S.M.Zaidula, M.M.Rahmana, K.M.Sharifa, A.Mohameda, F.Sahenab, M.H.A.Jahurulb, K.Ghafoorc, N.A.N.Norulainid, A.K.M.Omarb from Journal of Food Engineering Volume 117, Issue 4, August 2013, Pages 426-436


Grown in the fields of South Africa and Guinea these species are specifically chosen to make the most of indigenous crops such as Moringa, Marula, Tulukuna or Cocoa.

All plants managed by Viridian Science are grown naturally, and organically, and are always harvested at dawn when plants are filled with morning dew, when its oils are most abundant. The power of new technologies like hydroponics, aquaponics or aeroponics is to be able to reduce significantly or even completely remove any use of pesticides and reducing to 5% the use of water in their agriculture compared to conventional crops, since all water used is filtrated, purified and recycled.

Moringa oleifera










Viridian Science offers many types of products straight out of the field. Produced onsite, oil and essence are fresh and organic.


Extracted from plants, oils can be used for several purposes: to cook, for medicinal product development, for cosmetic products, for perfumes, for household products, or even as bio-fuels.

The result is organic oils: liquid or solid like the cocoa butter, macerated oils and essential oils.

If not processed in commercial products, all remaining, as seed cakes, are recycled.