Commercial greenhouses and aquaculture farms management services


You have one or many greenhouses to manage ?


You have one or many aquacultures farms to manage ?

Viridian Science

offers all its engineering power to support your growing projects. Enjoy our expertise in;

  • Lighting control
  • Humidity control
  • Ventilation & fan control
  • Carbon Dioxide or CO2 control
  • Air temperature control
  • Regular irrigation and fertilizers – Fertilization control
  • Complete greenhouse automation

Hire Viridian Science


Viridian Science seeks to offer to its customers the best of technology and science to develop and optimize its plant and fish production techniques.

We must and we will develop innovative and effective techniques and technologies, allowing you to focus your efforts on the essentials.

Your goal is our job. Your greenhouses and your aquaponics farms are our tools. Your profitability is our goal.


We are building a future fully automated to help producing better and as much as possible.

By 2030, we will manage more than 500 aeroponics and aquaponics greenhouses.


  • Quality
  • Efficiency
  • Ecology
  • Humanity